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Welcome! wheretoschool.com.au has been developed to assist school seekers to easily and accurately find schools throughout Australia. Wheretoschool.com.au was officially launched on the 18th of February 2007 and has already had over 1.5 million hits by September 2008.

The site was conceptually designed by a team of highly qualified teachers who believed that there was no easy-to-use, readily available nor reliable source on the internet to assist parents from a local, national, or international level to effectively search, find, compare, research and ultimately begin the enrolment process in to Australian schools.

Education is one of the most important stepping stones in a persons life. The right choice can positively affect the oppurtunities and quality of life for that student. We live in an age of opportunity and choice. Many people have particular interests: be it sport, performing arts, technology, hospitality, religion and more - many schools have recognised this and have developed curriculum to cater for this generation of choice. The problem in the past has been finding, researching, and comparing the available options out there - that is until now with the development and integration of wheretoschool.com.au which makes the of finding a school both easy and convenient.

In addition to the ease and convenience of finding a school to study at wheretoschool.com.au has incorporated a job search feature allowing teachers and education related job seekers to find, research and apply to jobs placed by schools throughout Australia with the added benefit of allowing the applicant to thoroughly research the school that they are applying to.

The vision has been to provide a medium in which education seekers both school seeker and job seeker alike are provided with an easy, interactive, and convenient way of making an informed decision in the path they take in the wonderful world of Education. Wheretoschool.com.au provides a multimedia experience. Schools are able to provide seekers with an insight into their walls and information in a standard format that is presented under the wheretoschool.com.au umbrella.

Under one roof, wheretoschool.com.au has more than 11,000 schools from every state, territory and sector in Australia. Making wheretoschool.com.au truly a Virtual Gateway into Australian Education.


Did you know that wheretoschool.com.au is found by school seekers through some of the worlds most reputable search engines and education portals? Click on one the search logo's below to see how well wheretoschool.com.au features in their search strings:

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Is your school covered for the next generation of school enrolments? Are you marketing your school online and attracting the largest possible audience to your school? If not, let us introduce you to wheretoschool.com.au.
Wheretoschool.com.au is an online school search engine that has been developed using the latest website technology to easily and accurately assist parents and students locally, nationally and internationally to locate, explore, research, query and even apply for the school’s waiting list for enrolment. School Seekers are able to search by state, suburb and postcode and are able to refine their search according to the specific needs of the student and family. School Seekers can view images, virtual tours (movies), school and enrolment information, satellite imagery of the school and its surrounding region, and more. Every day is an open day, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and to an audience stretching across the entire globe.
To add to this remarkable school marketing and enrolment tool, we have developed and integrated an employment section through which you can advertise vacant and upcoming positions in your school. Job Seekers are able to apply directly to your institution through the site and are able to view advertisements placed by you.
The site covers all education sectors and school types and proudly boasts more the 11,000 institutions across Australia. The institutions include Day Care, Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Private Tuition making the site the most comprehensive education directory available in Australia in any media today. Something we are exceptionally proud of.
Schooling is a competitive market and marketing your school costs money. Wheretoschool.com.au benefits you by reducing your advertising costs for enrolment, school marketing, employment advertising, alumni and event advertising. Your costs per annum are significantly reduced through embracing wheretoschool.com.au as a part of your online marketing strategy.
Wheretoschool.com.au is truly a virtual gateway into education. Open the doors into your school by selecting a subscription level which best suits the needs of your school. We offer three levels of subscription: Platinum, Gold and Silver. These subscription levels provide your school with additional benefits to being on wheretoschool.com.au including:
  • A potential Increase in enrolments.
  • An Increased brand awareness of your school.
  • The ability to advertise open days and special events at your school.
  • The prospect of being found by thousands of school seekers.
  • The use of integrated multimedia, which will add value to your school's online presence.
  • Advertise job vacancies through the one account.
  • Save money on online school and job advertising.
  • School seekers can view your school 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • All enquiries and applications are emailed directly to you. 

To enjoy all of these benefits and more you will need to UPGRADE your school account.

To find out more about wheretoschool.com.au or learn about our three available subscription levels and how we can assist you in online marketing. Please contact us now on 02 9114 6379 or complete this form.

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